5 Fields that can help with Advocacy

We know there are a lot of fields in CLASS and knowing which ones are important for different purposes can be difficult. To help us advocate for the sector there are five fields we rely on more heavily.

That isn’t to say the other fields are unimportant, especially when it comes to funding agreements. It might not be realistic to expect some of the fields to be collected one hundred percent of the time, but we’d still like to ask if they could be filled in as often as possible.

The fields are:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Status
  • Financial Disadvantage Indicator
  • Family Violence Indicator
  • Homelessness Status
  • Reason For Referral

Within Reason for Referral, the option ‘Centre Does Not Have Capacity To Deliver Service‘ is one of the most powerful tools we have in understanding when clients have to be turned away because of underfunding.

If you have to turn away clients because your Centre doesn’t have anyone who can assist them it is incredibly valuable in advocacy efforts. We talk about reason for referral more on the Turnaways section of the website.