Emergence: Our stories in the next decade

Emergence: Our stories in the next decade will be the theme for a series of events and collaborations over the next 18 months culminating in the next National CLCs Conference in August 2021. 

We will facilitate a shared space for reflection and support so that we can process the experiences and gathered lessons learned as a sector. We feel it is important to recognise that we have adapted our service delivery; ensured continuity of work and continued to thrive as we fight for access to justice and fairer systems.

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Why Emergence? 

The communities we are part of – local, national, global – face an uncertain future of complex challenges and threats. These include criminalisation of poverty and dispossession, environmental break down, State capture, social unrest, humanitarian and economic crises and increased risks for human rights defenders.  Our First Nations peoples continue to call for a holistic approach to justice to counter the continuing effects of colonisation, social exclusion and persisting inequalities that limit the realisation of human rights for all in Australia.  

In this particular moment, our vision for justice reminds us that human rights cannot be taken for granted and we need to push for laws, public policies and new approaches that promote social justice in ways that can mitigate future crises. During the bushfires of last Summer, we saw death, destruction and devastation at horrifying levels.  We saw the relocation of climate refugees, the exacerbation of poverty and the failure of political leadership.  At the same time, we saw the emergence of genuine and effective community-based responses and a wider acknowledgement of the effectiveness of traditional stewardship of the land. Our new ways of working have been tested and challenged further as we have adapted to the COVID-19 situation and continue to contribute to flattening the curve. We are still here and we need to thrive to help others emerge and restore their rights. 

We know that after fire burns through the bush, life can renew itself. We also know that the right to health touches on all other areas of our life and well-being. How do we rethink our strategies and approaches so that we are able strengthen our work and respond to emerging challenges effectively?  

Are we ready to face the decade ahead fighting for our rights are inter-connected and aware of the fact that healthy communities are essential to defining the quality of our relationships?  How can we hold government to account?  How can we ensure services are available to those in need?  How can we make sure that we are prepared for future events and continue to adapt with resilience?  How do we ensure our voice, and that of our clients, is heard? 

Emergence – what will our stories be this decade?


To kick things off, we invite you to a webinar series, co-created in collaboration with our colleagues and partners within the sector. Click here for more information and to register.

Why aren’t we having a physical conference in 2020? 

We want to make sure that you have access to vital professional development and networking opportunities that you need, and at the same time lead the strategic discussions we need to have as a sector, while we maintain physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The conference is a big part of our sector’s annual calendar when we come together to network, share experiences, upskill and revitalise ourselves for the months ahead.  So that we don’t miss out on all the wonderful aspects of the conference, we are planning a series of webinars and gatherings over the next few months. The arc of these activities will build into a 2021 National CLCs Conference.