Making insurance notifications or claims

This webinar, by Arthur J Gallagher (CLCs Australia’s insurance broker) provided important information for Member Centres who take out Professional Indemnity or Association Liability Insurance through the National Insurance Scheme for Community Legal Centres. Principal Solicitors and Centre Managers will find this webinar particularly relevant in the lead up to the end of the current policy period (30 June 2021).

Gallagher covered:

  • an overview of the claims made component of these insurance policies;
  • the new online process for notifying and making claims; and
  • important reminders about deadlines.


  • Stuart Quigley SA Manager, Professional & Financial Risks, Gallagher​
  • Zoe Evans Senior Account Executive, Gallagher

Facilitator: Meg Houston, Capacity Building Manager – CLCs Australia

Date and time: 12 May 2021,  1:00-2:00pm AEST