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Judith Stubbs - Social and Economic Costs and Benefits of CLCs

2011 Conference Keynote Speakers

2011 Conference Program

2011 Conference Resolution Form

2011 Draft Conference Program

Alison Muller and Mark Cairn - Mentally Impaired Accused Act, Time for Law Reform

Anna Howard - The Law that was Missing

Andrew Hackett - ATSI Legal Service QLD

Barry Penfold - Remote Law, The Agony and the Ecstasy

Cassandra Goldie - Rights, Representation and Reform, Perspectives from Local to National

Donna Hensen - Cyber Bullying, Untangling the Web

Donna Hensen - Cyber Bullying

Donna Hensen - Skill Up Speak Up

Elizabeth McKinnon - Environmental Justice

Erin Dolan and Jane Kenny - Grant Writing, Tips, Tools and Tricks

Gabrielle Marchetti and Michael Geelhoed - Choice of Forum for Termination of Employment

Helen McGowan, Sharon Tomas and Barbara Rowe - Priming the Pump, Sustainability within the Regional Legal Profession

Hugh de Kretser - Where We Come From, CLC History, Philosophy and Practice

Johann Kirby and Melinda Crimp - Creating Better Information

Katrina Wong - Using Skype to Bridge the Great Divide for Young People in RRR Areas

Leon Jones - Transitioning to the New Award

Merran Lawler, Jeff Giddings and Mike Robertson - Reforming our Approach to Empowerment, Looking Inward not Outward

Nick Pearce - Pitfalls of Telecommunications Debt

Nicola Rivers, Rachel Ball, Anna Howard and Michelle McDonnell - Taking your Law Reform to the Next Level, Strategic Law Reform

Prue Gregory and Anton Hermann - Rights and Representation, Overcoming the Tyranny of Distance

Radhika Kumar - Remote Lawyering, Discussing Challenges and Identifying Ways to Improve Representation for Clients in Remote Locations and Clients in Detention

Rosslyn Mayne - Gender, Transgender and the Law, Current Legal Issues

Shelley Alvarez and Jessica Abi Khattar - Sustaining Tenancies for Ex-prisoners

Susan Fahey and Angela Lynch - Coordinated Family Dispute Resolution, a Pilot Project which Aims to Assist in Resolving Parenting Disputes in Families Affected by Family Violence

Tanja Kovac - Human Rights are Aussie Rules, An Interactive Experience

Tina Turner - Maximising Impact, How a Theory of Change Can Map the Road to Successful Outcomes

Toby Archer - Casework and Campaigning for Law Reform, a Success Story

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