NLAP reporting

Next NLAP reporting period, January 2024

As we approach the end of the year, we are focussed on making the January 2024 NLAP reporting period as smooth as possible. Our focus is twofold: streamlining the upcoming reporting period while continuing to develop the National Dataset. This strategic approach aims to reduce the effort required in future reporting periods. For the January 2024 reporting period, the following arrangements will apply.

CLASS NLAP centres

As usual:

  • Your data will be included in your state or territory’s Jurisdictional Report
  • Your normal centre reports will be available in CLASS

NLAP centres migrated/migrating to Actionstep with Konekta sync from CLASS

Community Legal Centres Australia will handle each centre’s data extraction via the Konekta sync tool and incorporate aggregated data into the National Data Warehouse. We will then include that data in state and territory Jurisdictional Reports.

Centres should also be able to view, download and print a limited number of their own reports in Excel format from the National Data Warehouse via a secure SharePoint site in much the same way they interacted with the ABS data extracts.

This will include:

  • C03 Clients by Priority Group (SA2, LGA, Centre)
  • S01 Services for Individuals (SA2, LGA, Centre)
  • P01 Project Services count (Custom count of Project Service Types)
  • 1 Services by high-level problem type
  • 2 Representation Services by high-level problem type
  • 3 Project Services by high-level problem type
  • Centre Jurisdictional Report (Only NLAP Funding)
  • N01 NLAP Performance BenchMark

These reports will be selectable by funding steams and able to be produced by:

  • six-month reporting period (1 July – 31 Dec 31) available after 31 December
  • twelve-month (calendar year) 2023 available after 31 December
  • fixed quarter (October – December 2023)
  • monthly timestamped report (Starting after 31 December 31 and then ongoing at the end of each month

NLAP Actionstep centres that currently report directly from Actionstep

Arrangements for NLAP-funded centres that report separately to State Program Managers directly from Actionstep will remain the same as for the July 2023 reporting period.

NLAP centres that use the CLASS Data Import Tool

CLCs Australia will continue to support this tool, and reports for centres that use the tool will continue to be generated in CLASS.

Non-NLAP Centres

These centres are not included in NLAP reporting.

Member centres can access a more detailed version of the information via the User Portal