Beyond CLASS – Our ICDT vision for the future

Future reporting

Community Legal Centres Australia is in a state of transition from delivering CLASS reporting (providing reports from a single application/CMS) to supporting self-service reporting and data visualisation for centres. When we have realised our vision for the sector’s ICDT future:

  • Centres will send data to the National Data Repository from a limited number of CMS tools already in use across the sector.
  • CLC Australia will own and manage the National Data Repository, act as custodian of the National Data Set, and offer self-service and data visualisation capability for centres.

Right now, we are focussed on building a prototype for the new National Data Repository, which will house the National Data Set.

So far, the prototype Repository is successfully receiving centres’ data from Actionstep via the Konekta sync tool. Over time, we will extend the repository’s capacity to receive data from the main CMS tools already in use across the sector.

We are also working to expand self-service reporting options and value-adds, such as data visualisation tools, from the National Data Repository. We are aiming to increase access to these tools for centres, state, and territory CLC peaks and other stakeholders such as State Program Managers. In this endeavour we are working closely with the Federation of Community Legal Centres (Vic) on a ‘data visualisation’ project. This work is intended to benefit centres nationally.

As always, we are seeking guidance from our Information, Communications and Data Technology Advisory Group and the CLCs Australia Board, and sharing strategies with our Members Advisory Group.