Fund Equal Justice Campaign

The Fund Equal Justice campaign was a successful campaign coordinated by NACLC, with the guidance and support of State and Territory CLC Associations, aimed at reversing the 30% funding cuts scheduled to take effect from 1 July 2017. The Government announced it would reverse the cuts on 24 April 2017. 

Below is a range of materials that we used as part of the campaign to help individual CLCs and which may be useful for future campaign work.

  • A confidential sector-only Campaign Information Kit. Please do not distribute this beyond your centre. 
  • A two page campaign information brief
  • A handout that you can provide to MPs and Senators
  • A handout that you can provide to supporters and partner organisations
  • A placard you can print, write a message on and post to social media 
  • An election scorecard that outlines the position of the Coalition, ALP and Greens in relation to legal assistance funding 

Please check back as we continue to update our website with the latest campaigns we have carried out and a useful range of materials.