Your sector needs you!

Each and every person in your Centre that enters data into CLASS is performing an essential service, The work they do benefits, your Centre, the network of Centres in each State and Territory, as well as the national sector as a whole.

How? You ask.

We say: By contributing to the stories that can show the impact of an event, With good data we scale the picture to tell us the story at at the local, regional State and National levels. We use the word event here in a broad sense. Some examples of recent events include COVID-19, the bushfires. And we also use it to capture what is on the brink of happening.

We are in a critical moment where key forms of government assistance are being withdrawn. JobKeeper will effectively cease while JobSeeker payments are reduced to just $44 per day. At the same time the moratoria put in place to stop evictions on the basis of rent arrears and measures to stop banks initiating debt recovery. It is in the next months that we will experience the true impact of COVID-19.

In order for us to tell the stories of the impact of these quite significant changes, we really need you and your team to put an extra effort into focusing on:

  • Recording multiple problem types when this is part of a client's story. 
  • Fill out the Family Violence Indicator regardless of area of law

It is critical that as much effort as possible is put into capturing this data. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you to collect this data consistently.

Other important data items to focus on include:

  • Collecting data on income level in client records, and financial disadvantage on the service record
  • Collect accurate demographic data, e.g. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander status, Disability status

By making a special effort to capture this data over the next months you are making a truly important contribution to the work of the sector as a whole.