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Emergence logoEmergence: Our Stories in the Next Decade will be the theme for a series of events and collaborations over the next 18 months culminating in the next National CLCs Conference in August 2021. You can read more about the theme here.

We want to make sure that you have access to vital professional development and networking opportunities that you need, while at the same time creating spaces where we can have the strategic discussions we need to have as a sector. 

To kick things off, we invite you to a webinar series, co-created in collaboration with our colleagues and partners within the sector. Click on the webinar titles to see details and register.

Movement lawyering is an alternative model of public interest advocacy and litigation that has gained significant traction in the USA over the last decade. Growing out of the limitations and criticisms of existing forms of public interest lawyering, it challenges underlying assumptions regarding the role of lawyers and provides a framework for lawyers to be led by, and shift power towards, communities and social change movements. 

In this webinar, co-hosted with Community Legal Western Australia, Zoe Bush (EDO's Safe Climate Team) and Sarah Schwartz (ALS WA's Civil and Human Rights Unit) draw on their recent experience in the USA and with Law for Black Lives to explore what movement lawyering is, tangible examples of how it is being used, and, most importantly, whether and how it might be translated to the Australian context. In the context of growing social movements around climate change, the mass-incarceration and over-policing of First Nations peoples, just economies, and the rights of people seeking asylum, it is more important than ever for 'social justice' lawyers to critically examine our role and think about ways we can be better led by the communities with whom we work. 

Date and time: Thursday 29 October, 2:00-3:30pm 


Zoe Bush – Safe Climate Team, EDO 

Sarah Schwartz – Civil and Human Rights Unit, ALS WA

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The Community Legal Centres Queensland State Conference is taking place online in November 2020.  

This will be a fully interactive online conference with:

  • Compelling speakers
  • Live Q&As 
  • Panel discussions
  • Opportunities to network

There will be a wide variety of panel discussions and presentations relevant to both the community legal sector and the wider legal community.

The outline program and and registeration information for this great opportunity is available on their website.

In this second webinar in our 2-part series we will be discussing the differences between mainstream and Indigenous Recruitment and HR. Through unpacking the differences we are able to assess the opportunities at hand by marrying mainstream process and applying the First Nations Lens to the approach toward best outcomes for your Centre and for Aboriginal People and Communities.

This webinar will support Centres working towards the Cultural Safety Standard of the National Accreditation Scheme.


Leroy Wilkinson-Maher – Managing Director, Dhiira

Members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women's Network

Date and time: Wednesday 18 November 2:00-3:30pm

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This session will build on the previous webinar, Funding and Finance 101, and focus on the budgeting process, financial management policies, financial risks and controls. It will also assist senior staff and governing body members to think strategically about financial sustainability, the future of their CLC and what it means to establish and maintain a Foundation.  
Webinar participants will: 

  • gain a great understanding of the financial context and of their financial responsibility;  
  • consider financial risks and their risk appetite; and 
  • be more informed about the advantages and disadvantages of fundraising, reallocating costs, contingency planning, reserves and assets. 


Charlotte Maung – Manager, Community Legal Centres NSW Financial Service  

Julie Robson – Senior Bookkeeper, Community Legal Centres NSW Financial Service

Date and time: Thursday 26 November 2020, 3:00-4:00pm

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