Service Conversion Guide

I used to record matters like this, now what do I call it?

The following table is a guide to assist Responsible Persons in transitioning from CLSIS to the new Data Standards terminology used in CLASS. This is not an exhaustive list of possible scenarios at a Centre. Where a Centre requires further clarification about how to record a particular type of work, please consult NACLC. 

Full definitions and examples of each Service can be found in the National Legal Assistance Data Standards Manual


To be recorded as: Previously recorded as: Examples

Services for Individuals






Legal Advice



Legal Task

Minor Casework (0-5 hours); or other case where representation was not involved; or Advice that involved minor task assistance

  • Writing to a landlord to advocate for the client
  • Drafting a letter that will go out in the client’s name
  • Conducting research for a client
  • Drafting a court document for the client

Non-Legal Support (Discrete)

Advice (Non-Legal)

  • Court Support (one off)
  • Financial counselling (one off)

Non-Legal Support (Ongoing)

Casework (Non-Legal) or a sequence of Advice (Non-Legal) activities

  • Court support or counselling throughout prolonged court proceedings, ie multiple sessions or meetings

Facilitated Resolution Process

Advice or Casework (variation as CLSIS workarounds in place in relevant CLCs)

  • Mediation session/s where the CLC is the facilitator/mediator

Duty Lawyer

Casework – where ‘Duty Lawyer’ is selected in Case Hours

  • Advice, representation or assistance by a duty lawyer at court/tribunal

Court/Tribunal Representation

Casework - where 'Court/Tribunal' checkbox is ticked

  • Representation of a client at court or tribunal

Dispute Resolution Representation

Casework - where 'Primary/Alternative Dispute Resolution' checkbox is ticked

  • Representation of a party in a mediation process through Family Court

Other Representation

Casework - all other minor, medium and major cases

  • Writing a series of letters to a client’s employer advocating for the client where it is not required to proceed to Fair Work Commission.

Services for the Community

Non-Casework Project


Project Type: Community Legal Education - Activities

Project Type: Community Legal Education

  • Presentation to community organisation about family law proceedings (each presentation is a new Activity)

Project Type: Community Legal Education - Resources

Project Type: Community Legal Education

  • Publication of a brochure about family law proceedings

Project Type: Community Education

Project Type: Community Legal Education

  • Presentation to school leavers about managing finances

Project Type: Law Reform and Legal Policy

Project Type: Law Reform and Legal Policy

  • Provision of a submission to a Senate Enquiry

Project Type: Stakeholder Engagement

Project Type: multiple may apply

  • Participation in national or state network meeting