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Federal Budget 2021

Media Release. 12 May 2021: CLCs Australia welcomes Federal Budget allocations for community legal centres

Universal Periodic Review

Joint Media Release, 20 January 2021: United Nations slams Australia’s treatment of First Nations people and calls on Australia to Raise the Age in Universal Periodic Review

Domestic violence experts slam Morrison Government commitment to combating domestic violence

Media Release, 22 February 2020 - Domestic violence experts slam Morrison Government commitment to combating domestic violence

Funding cuts to community legal sector

The Saturday Paper, 1-7 February 2020 by Royce Kurmelovs

A government funding debacle has hurt the community legal sector across the country, forcing centres to close down and leaving vulnerable people in the lurch.

National FVPLS Forum Defunding

The Federal Government has announced that it intends to end funding to the National FVPLS Forum, which provides an essential voice for Aboriginal women and children who are survivors of family violence and sexual assault. Community Legal Centres Australia stands with other organisations calling for this funding to be reinstated.

Media Release, 10 December 2019 – Funding for the National Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention organisation is essential

Proposed Family Court Merger

We have been working with Women's Legal Services Australia in trying to change the Attorney’s mind about his proposed merger of the Family Court with the Federal Circuit Court. Our combined media release and open letter to the Attorney-General is below.

While the Open Letter has been sent to the Attorney-General, we are continuing to accept co-signatories to the letter for further advocacy opportunities. To join us in this work and co-sign the letter, please send your name, position, organisation to Liz Snell at [email protected].

Media Release, 11 November 2019 – Put safety first in family law, abandon flawed family court merger

Open Letter to Commonwealth Attorney-General, 11 November 2019 – Concerns about proposed family court merger

'Safety must come first in family law': Legal groups reject merger plan in The Sydney Morning Herald by Michaela Whitbourn

Media Release, 22 October 2020 – Dire Federal Circuit Court backlogs prove family court merger a risk to families, judges


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