Online Services Manager – Justice Connect – Melbourne/Sydney

Position: Online Services Manager, Not-for-profit Law

Organisation: Justice Connect

Location: Melbourne or Sydney 

Closing date and time: Monday 18 January 2021, 09:00am

How to apply: Please view attached PDF. 

Contact person: until 8 Jan 2021 - Juanita Pope, Head, Not-for-profit Law on (03) 8636 4423. From 11 January 2021 - Sue Woodward, Head, Not-for-profit Law on (03) 8636 4468.

Brief description: The Online Services Manager is responsible for managing key products, projects and the digital innovation strategy within the Not-for-profit Law team. The role has responsibility for project management of a redevelopment of the acclaimed Not-for-profit Law website as well as oversight of the program’s communication strategy, including the publication of other Not-for-profit Law communications such as production of the monthly update. 

The role will work closely with Justice Connect’s Innovation and Engagement team in designing products, projects and initiatives for the Not-for-profit Law program that are aligned with organisational strategy and processes.