CLASS Report codes and CLSIS Report name mapping

CLASS Report Codes

CLASS Reports Use a Code Prefix for logical grouping to make them easier to search.

This code prefix convention came from the old CLSIS database, but the codes have been updated to fit the new report titles, the new NPA requirements and the New Legal Data Standards.

The Codes



C Client
S Service
M Management
N National Partnership Agreement
PT Problem Type


CLASS Report names vs CLSIS Report names

CLSIS / Old Name

(where blank = yet to be delivered)

CA1 Average Number of Activities Per Client.pdf 
CA1.1 Activity Summary Report.pdf
CA2.1 Activities by Law Type - Information and Advice - by number.pdf
CA2.2 Activities by Law Type - Casework - by number.pdf
CA2.3 Activities by Law Type - CLE and LRLP Projects - by number.pdf
CA3 Activities by Worker Type.pdf
CA4 Activities by High Level Problem Type.pdf S04.1 Services by High level Problem Type
As above S04.2 Representation Services by high level problem type
As Above S04.3 Project Services by high level problem type
CA5 Activities by Funding Category-Specific Project.pdf S05. Services by Funding Category
CA6.1 Referrals to Other Agencies for Activities.pdf
CA8 Cases - Resolution by Law Type.pdf
CA9 Cases - Duration by Percentage.pdf  S09 Representation Services Duration by Percentage
CA10.1 Outputs & Funding Levels.pdf  S10.1 Services Types by Reporting Period
CA10.2 Outputs Advice & Funding Levels.pdf S10.2 Legal Advice - Mode of Delivery by Reporting Period
CA11 Outputs - full breakdown.pdf
S11 - Services to Annual Targets
CA13 Outputs - Target Progression.pdf S13 Services and Targets by Financial Year
CA14 Activities With a Public Interest Dimension - All Problem Types.pdf S14. Services with Public Interest Indicator
CA16 Child Support Activities.pdf S16. Child Support Services to Clients
CC1 Number of clients by Priority Group
C01. Clients by Priority Group (all)
CC2 ClientDemo by Percentile C02. Clients by Priority Group (percentage)
CC3 Custom Client Demographics by num.pdf C03. Clients by Priority Group (custom)
CC4 Quick Pick Client Demographics.pdf C04. Clients by Priority Group (single)
CC5 Clients by Geographical Area.pdf C05. Clients by Geographical Area (coming soon)
CC6 Clients by Law type.pdf
C06. Clients by Law Type
CC7 Clients by Funding Category-Specific Project.pdf C07 Clients by Parent Level Funding Category
CM1.1 Rpt Req Triennial Sum.pdf M01.1 Reporting Requirements (Triennial)
CM2 REPORTING REQUIREMENTS - Triennial Summary - Progress Aggregate M02. Reporting Requirements (Triennial Progress)
CM4.1 Annual Reporting Reqs- State Summary.pdf M04.1 Accountability Annual Report (Submitted)
  M04.2 Accountability Annual Report (Overdue)
CM4.3 Ann Rpt Exception Extn Dates.pdf
See Above
CM5.1 Funds Reports - State Summary.pdf M05.1 Accountability Funds Report (Submitted)
CM5.2 Funds Rpt Reqs Exception.pdf M05.2 Accountability Funds Report (Overdue)
CM5.3 Funds Excptn Extn dates.pdf
See above
CM5.4 Financial Summary Report.pdf
CM6.1 Progress Reports - State Summary.pdf M06.1 Accountability Progress Report (Submitted)
CM6.2 Progress Reports - Exception Report.pdf M06.2 Accountability Progress Report (Overdue)
CM6.3 Progress Reports - Exception Report - Extension Dates.pdf See above
CM7 Funding Ratio Report.pdf
M07. Funding Ratio
CM8 Data Submission - Timeliness of Completion.pdf M08. Data Submission - Timeliness of Completion
CM9 Annual Targets.pdf
M09. Annual Targets
CM10 Annual Budget.pdf
M10. Annual Budget
CM11 Funds Report.pdf
M11. Funds Report
CM16 NPA Performance Benchmark– Commonwealth Funded.pdf N01. NPA Performance Benchmark
CM17 NPA Performance Benchmark.pdf N01. NPA Performance Benchmark
  N02. NPA - Services to Priority Clients
  N03.1 NPA - Services by Law Type
  N03.2 NPA Projects by law Type
  N04.1 NPA - Family Violence Indicator (Detail)
  N04.2 NPA - Family Violence Indicator (Condensed)
CM18 NPA-People experiencing financial disadvantage.pdf
CM21 NPA-Older Persons.pdf
CM22.1 NPA-People experiencing or at risk of family violence (Family law).pdf  
CM22.2 NPA-People experiencing or at risk of family violence (Non-family law).pdf  
CM23 NPA-People residing in rural or remote areas.pdf
CM24.1 NPA-People who are culturally and linguistically diverse (interpreter-translator requir).pdf  
CM24.2 NPA-People who are culturally and linguistically diverse (Main language not English).pdf  
CM25 NPA-People with a disability or mental illness.pdf
CM26 NPA Duty lawyer services.pdf
CM27.1 NPA Discrete assistance (Information and referral).pdf
CM27.2 NPA Discrete assistanc (Legal advice).pdf
CM28 NPA Community legal education (CLE).pdf
CM29.1 NPA Representation services (Dispute resolution services).pdf  
CM29.2 NPA Representation services(Court-Tribunal and other representation).pdf  
CM29.3 NPA Representation services(Total Representation Services).pdf  
CS1 Client Satisfaction Report - Advice And Casework.pdf
CS2 Client Satisfaction Report - Advice And Casework - Client Characteristics - Effectiveness Issues.pdf  
CS4 Client Satisfaction Report - Community Legal Edu - Client Characteristics - Effectiveness Issues.pdf  
PI1 Efficiency Indicator Report.pdf
PI7 Centre Performance Summary Report.pdf
PT1 Top 20 Problem Types.pdf
PT01. Top 20 Problem Types



NPA Performance Indicator - Projects by Law Type Drilldown N03.2 NPA - Projects by Law Type Number of services to the community relating to law types. Ref. National Partnership Agreement 17 (e)
NPA Performance Indicator - Services by Law Type Drilldown N03.1 NPA - Services by Law Type Number of services to the individuals relating to law types. Ref. National Partnership Agreement 17 (e)