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Last updated 18 June

Our sector is releasing a range of different resources to address questions from the public or from clients. Please share any you have through [email protected] 

Provided by Arts Law

COVID-19 FAQs for Artists

The arts sector has been hit hard with cancellations and disruption in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Arts Law has put together answers to some of the most common question’s they have received from artists and arts organisations.

Provided by Economic Justice Australia 

COVID-19 & Centrelink factsheet

Information on what Centrelink can do for people affected by COVID-19. The factsheet covers:

  • Economic Support Payment for Centrelink recipients
  • Mutual Obligations
  • Payments if you don’t currently get Centrelink
  • Asset Hardship Provisions

People who need legal help with Centrelink issues can contact their local Economic Justice Australia member centre 

Federal childcare assistance: Around one million families will receive free childcare during the coronavirus pandemic under a new plan from the Federal Government, which will pay 50 per cent of the childcare sector’s fee revenue. The funding will apply from 6 April. 

Mindheart.co have produced this simple 'How to explain coronavirus to kids'  : It's also available in 24 other languages. 

Aha!Parenting.comhave produced these tips on 'Coping in the face of the Pandemic'

COVID-19 Resources for Criminal Lawyers (with thanks to The Public Defenders)


NBN Co has recently launched a COVID-19 Education Assistance Package to help families on limited incomes with school-aged children connect to the NBN for the first time. 

Provided by JobWatch

COVID-19: Employment Rights Q&A

As a response to the unprecedented demand on the JobWatch Telephone Information Service due to the COVID – 19, JobWatch has released a COVID – 19: Employment Rights Q&A.

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) has created a factsheet on Making Sense of COVID19 – LGBTIQ and HIV Communities.

Migrant Employment Legal Service - What do I need to know about being stood down? 


Equality Australia share a comprehensive directory of services, including legal services 

ACON hosted a live online information session exploring COVID-19 and its impact on people of diverse sexualities and genders and people living with HIV (& links to other resources!) 

OHCHR Impact of COVID-19 on LGBTI People

WithRespect has developed a new 'COVID-19 and Family Violence for LGBTIQ+ people' resources page which includes information on access to key services and supports, resources and tips on safety planning. WithRespect is the Statewide family violence and intimate partner violence service supporting LGBTIQ+ communities and their families

Many legal and human rights advocates are deeply concerned about how police will enforce new public health laws. COVID-19 Policing in Australia aims to help monitor the everyday-impact of new policing powers, and whether they are being used responsibly. Have you experienced or witnessed problematic COVID policing in Australia? Report it


Factsheet No. 7: NSW COVID-19 Public Health Laws and Police Powers

This factsheet provides an overview of NSW Police powers to enforce new social distancing and isolation orders made under the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) and Biosecurity Act 2015 (Cth).  The enforcement of COVID-19 public health orders is complex and subject to change.

Redfern Legal Centre aims to update this factsheet as changes occur.  Last updated 6 April 2020.

Human Rights Law Centre share this Explainer on Prisons and COVID-19

Australia and the world face a public health emergency in coronavirus (COVID-19), but little has been said about the people in our prisons and youth detention centres.

COVID-19 Relief Measures App to help businesses and individuals assess eligibility for and relevant tests applicable to various COVID-19 Federal relief responses, both for businesses and individuals.

Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA) have collated a comprehensive list of resources relating to COVID-19, particularly around gendered and intimate partner violence.

The NSW Women’s Alliance has developed an emergency briefing on COVID-19 that highlights key challenges and measures to support women, children, young and LGBTIQ people experiencing sexual, domestic and family violence during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Domestic and family violence, sexual assault: Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia

Justice Connect share a range of different resources FAQs and factsheets on legal issues for people affected by COVID-19.