End of year 2021

CLCs Australia closes at 5pm on Thursday 23 December 2021 and will reopen on Tuesday 4 January 2022. Helpdesk is not available during this time as per your CLASS Agreement.

If you require urgent CLASS assistance during this time, we will be providing an emergency contact number in the December CLASS News and on the CLASS dashboard

Please note: Between 4 and 10 January, the helpdesk will be staffed with a skeleton service for access and urgent issues.

User Admin cover at your Centre during summer break

If your CLASS Admin will be on leave during the end of year closure period, please make sure someone else at your Centre has the right Administrator access in CLASS ahead of this time.

Only your CLASS Administrator is able to send a password reset email to you, reactivate your account or change what permissions you have.

With the end of year fast approaching, it’s a great time to check that your Centre’s CLASS Administrator (or Admin) has provided the access you need if they’re going to be on leave. 

Please get in contact with the Helpdesk if you have any questions!