Data tip of the month - March 2021

Did you know you can add a Legal Task in the same session as a Legal Advice?

A Legal Advice Service is the provision of fact-specific legal advice to a Service User in response to a request for assistance to resolve specific legal problems.

A Legal Task will generally either involve preparing or assisting a Service User with the preparation of documents or advocating on behalf of a Service User.

See the following case study from the Data Standards Manual.

Jason receives written legal advice on an employment matter. This counts as one ‘Legal Advice Service’. Jason makes further contact one month later in relation to the same employment matter. It is determined that further advice on the matter is required and is provided in writing again. This counts as a second ‘Legal Advice Service’. A letter is also written on Jason’s behalf to his employer. This letter is counted as a separate ‘Legal Task’.

It is important to record Legal Tasks as they show the variety of work provided by CLCs and FVPLSs which reflects the additional effort required to do this work. Note that Legal Advices and Legal Tasks should not be recorded for Representation Services.