Tips on connecting to CLASS

If you are having problems connecting to CLASS, here are a few tips on what you can do.

1. Check that your internet is connected

1.1. Using your preferred search engine, search “time now” and make sure you are getting the correct time.
1.2. If you are not, check that your Wi-Fi is connected.
1.3. Check the power to your modem, and whether there are any lights on your modem indicating errors (usually red lights or regularly flashing lights indicate errors).
1.4. Reboot your modem (turn it off and on again)
1.5. If possible, use your phone to search for outages for your ISP, e.g. “Telstra outages”.

2. Check your VPN connection

You will need to use a VPN to access CLASS remotely.
2.1. If the VPN is connected, disconnect and reconnect.
2.2. Attempt to access CLASS again.

3. Ensure you're using the correct browser & URL

3.1. Ensure that you're using Google Chrome web browser to access CLASS. If you're using a different browser, we can't guarantee CLASS will work. Google Chrome is the only web browser that is officially supported.
3.2. Check that you are accessing CLASS from

4. Check your username and password

4.1. The VPN and CLASS use separate sets of usernames and passwords. Make sure you are using the appropriate credentials to sign into the VPN and to log into CLASS.
4.2. CLASS does not necessarily use your email address as a username, so make sure you have the correct username.
4.3. If you still have not successfully logged in, ask your Centre’s CLASS administrator to check your username and reset your password if necessary. You can generate memorable secure passphrases using Diceware.

5. Contact the Helpdesk

If you are still unable to access the login page after trying all of the above, please log a ticket via the CLASS Helpdesk. Make sure you include your contact details and a link to your browser details from What's My Browser.