User Experience (UX1) Enhancements Package

During the COVID pause, we sought feedback from the sector about improving CLASS for Centre users. We heard your suggestions for improvement and are ready to release the package of user enhancements which will improve the CLASS user experience overall. Also included in this release are a few bug fixes that centres have reported via the helpdesk. 

See what has changed below:

Actions are now hyperlinked and can be edited from wherever you see a hyperlink in the Actions column. 

Previously, actions couldn't be opened from either the conflict check screen, nor the search services screen. They can now be opened for editing from both places, and they'll be grouped by service.

a screenshot of class

If you'd like them available from even more places, let us know at the helpdesk.

There are multiple changes here:

There's a new field for 'Notes' for each Additional Party.

Here's a look at it, on the right, under Disability Status:

a screenshot of class

Also, The 'Relationship To Client' field is now multi-select, so you can select that the additional party is a relative of the client and also deceased, for example.

The 'Relationship To Client' field, within Additional Parties, is now present in the 'Additional Fields' feature of DIT reports.

The change to the relationship to client field, and the new field are also now available in print templates.

A bug was reported that when you added a new service to an existing client, using the new intake method, and you left the D.O.B. field blank, CLASS would overwrite the existing D.O.B. for the client. This has now been fixed - DOB stays with the client, regardless of whether or not you leave it blank (if the client was already existing in CLASS).  

The 'Privacy Type' and 'Client Notes' fields are now visible on the service screen so you can refer to them when you are viewing the client's service record. They're not editable from the service screen though. Here's what it looks like:

a screenshot of class

CLASS admins can also use Field Mapping to make these fields appear (or not) for any service types they like.

We added a new field: Disability Notes.

It's a text box and displays below the Disability Status field. Use this field to record any relevant notes about the client's disability. 

This is what it looks like:

a screenshot of class

It can't be used unless something is chosen from the field above it.

You can now add Indigenous Status as a column in both Search Service, as well as Additional Parties.

Here's what it looks like in Additional Parties:

a screenshot of class

It can be dragged to any place you like within the columns. You just go to 'Customise' in the top-right and click on 'Customise Columns'. It's in there.

Previously, when you used the tab key on your keyboard to move through fields on the client screen, getting past the 'Year Of Arrival' field was a bit tricky, or unpredictable.

It now works predictably; you can tab straight past the field with one key press.

Also, the field now only takes numbers, and only four of them.

One sharp eyed user found a column in Additional Parties (when you opened Additional Parties a certain way) that shouldn't have been there.

It's now been removed, so no matter which way you view or open your Additional Parties, they'll display correctly.

In DIY reports, when using a rolling date range, particularly the 'Last 12 months to date' option, there was previously an issue where CLASS would calculate the date range incorrectly. This has been fixed, and the date range will work properly now.

This is it:

a screenshot of class

As always. contact the helpdesk with any questions;

Email: [email protected]

Online Portal:

We also now have a guide on getting the fastest help from the helpdesk;



Known Issues With This Release

There are now notes fields for everything in Additional Details, which display on the client screen, however these can be removed. Just follow these steps;

1. Go to system settings, field mapping, then search for 'notes' in the control caption column.

screenshot of class


2. Then click to open the 'CLS Entity Type: Client' section. Each one of those results will need to be edited. Just remove Individual from each of them.

screenshot of class

3. Obviously, click save and close after each one.

We had multiple reports of timeouts when trying to access search services after the roll out of this release. This issue should now be fixed, however we're still gathering information from our developers, including any information about potential limitations to search services.

We were also made aware of several issues with triage, including not being able to delete triage services, timeouts, and triage services not converting to other service types correctly. Most of these issues should now be fixed, however, we're still working with the developers to correct some of this. Please see below for potential fixes.

We're working with some Centres to test changes to the new intake process.

Quite a lot of these issues have been and/or could be fixed using the cache refresh process.

1. Basically, try CLASS in using incognito mode.

2. And if that fixes your issue, closing that window and doing a cache clear could fix it permanently.

3. If that doesn't work, you'll need to contact the helpdesk about getting it fixed. Here's tips on getting help from the helpdesk the fastest way possible.