Case Management Systems Review

CLCs Australia completed the case management systems (CMS) review in response to requests for guidance from Centres and the State CLC Peaks, and provides a high-level review and guidance to assist Centres considering adopting a new CMS other than CLASS for day-to-day operations.   

Note that the review does not recommend a particular system. Each Centre will have different needs and will need to carry out their own process to ensure that they are choosing the system that best meets their needs. 

Why is keeping data in CLASS important? 

  • CLASS centralises the service data of about 150 Centres.  
  • This data is held in trust by CLCs Australia on behalf of the sector.  
  • CLASS data means the community legal sector has direct access to service delivery data that can build a local, regional, state-level or national picture of Centre service delivery.   
  • We are the only legal assistance sector that can access its national data set so readily. 
  • CLASS data strengthens the community legal sector's advocacy, law reform and funding bids.   

Are you a member Centre? We've got more information, including the full review in our Members' Portal.